Enter your desired location and dates, and refine your search with genre and budget selections.

Lokalphoto offers additional filter options -- session length, photo editing, lighting style, and location type -- to help get you to the right selection of photographers for your needs. Then you’ll be able to view photographer's listings to visually explore their portfolios, learn more about them and their photography approach, and read their reviews.

If you need more information before sending a booking request, you can use Lokalphoto's messaging system to get in touch with photographers of interest.


Send a request to book a photographer & complete your booking with secure, electronic payment.

Lokalphoto uses a messaging system that allows you to request to book a photographer for a specific date. The photographer has 24 hours to accept or decline your request, refine the schedule, or ask you questions about your shoot. When a photographer responds to your request, Lokalphoto will send you an email to let you know. If the photographer doesn’t respond within 24 hours, your request simply expires, and you’re free to submit another booking request.

When the booking is accepted by the photographer, Lokalphoto asks for your payment details to complete the booking. Once your payment is processed, you’ll receive a congratulatory email that includes your receipt, shoot details, and tips from your photographer for a great shoot.


Meet your photographer & have an amazing photo shoot!

Lokalphoto will send you a reminder email that includes your shoot details, receipt, and photographer contact information. You can also view your shoot details, modify your booking, or cancel your shoot from the My Bookings section on your personal account page.

Before the shoot, it’s a great idea to review the FAQs and Tips that your photographer has provided to help your shoot go smoothly. These are included on the photographer’s listing, and will also be emailed to you upon booking confirmation.


The most exciting part of the journey - view & download your photos!

Lokalphoto gives photographers flexibility in how they choose to deliver your digital photos. Your photos will either be available through Lokalphoto’s gallery or a third party online gallery of your photographer’s choosing, with specific instructions for how to access and download your photos. The photographer indicates which type of gallery will be used in her/his listing.

Photographers offer varying turnaround times, and indicate their expected turnaround time from the date of the shoot in the package details in their listing.