Lokalphoto is an online photography marketplace designed to streamline the photographer identification, selection, and booking process for clients and give photographers a dedicated place to showcase & sell their services.

It’s the dream-come-true of marketer, artist, and mama, Marianne McGinley. As a mom trying to find photographers for her first baby, Marianne realized how much the photography world relies upon word of mouth from clients, and how complicated and time consuming it is to find someone available for the area and dates desired. This turned out to be true across all genres of photography. So, if you’re selling your house, or representing your small business, or want to capture your grandmother’s smile or your baby’s milestones, Lokalphoto is the easiest, most convenient way to find the right photographer for you. 

We’re thrilled to be able to help artists establish or grow their photography businesses, make photography more accessible to more people, and keep art alive in our busy culture. Thanks for your interest in Lokalphoto!

Marianne McGinley, Founder